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3D Printing & Process

3D Printing & Process - Ultimate List of Acronyms

There are many 3D Printing Glossaries out there in the open, but there’s only one 3D PULA™.

3D PULA™ gathers the multitude of AM-related terms and processes, and explains the most common industrial-grade materials.

It focuses exclusively on the 3D printing process, covering all technologies that currently matter, however benefits greatly if used together with 3D MULA™ and 3D FULA™.


3D Files & Formats

3D Files & Formats - Ultimate List of Acronyms

3D PULA™ 's feisty little brother has big aspirations to clarify confusion regarding the different 3D file formats.

3D FULA™ exclusively focuses on the computing and software-related entries, gathering all possible file formats used in Additive Manufacturing (AM), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Material Simulation and terms related to Digital Sculpting and 3D Animation.




3D Manufacturing & Materials - Ultimate List of Acronyms

3D MULA™ is the youngest of all guides, specialising in advanced materials and more traditional manufacturing methods.

Thanks to its special focus on the non-additive processes and chemical compounds, MULA™ compliments PULA™ perfectly, to offer a comprehensive look at the manufacturing process.




Inverted Normals - Blog

An editorial-style blog for those who understand the joke, and those who want to.

Welcome to an entirely new outlook on Additive Manufacturing, focused on real-life solutions, inspiring designs, and innovative applications.


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