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3D Consultancy

3D services are becoming increasingly more complex.

It is no longer possible for any 3D bureau to offer the one-fits-all solution. Some 3D print bureaus aren’t even allowed to advise solutions besides their in-house set up.

Large bureau services can also take their time in responding and processing individual queries. Your project might not receive as much attention as it should due to the sheer scale and of operation.

We are an independent Additive Manufacturing and 3D Design Consultancy based in London, UK. We are known for our passion for Additive and experience with various 3D printing technologies.

We can help you find the most optimal solutions for your project, however big or small.

Our relationships are build on personal approach, hard work and trust.

Our impartial, trustworthy advice is based on direct experience with the technology, matching you with the best solution and materials for your application.

We are confident that the quality of our services will match your expectations.

We know what works and what doesn't, and we don't waste anybody’s time.

Our customer-focus approach is based on mutual trust, direct communication and Design Thinking. We are open minded and tend to think outside the box.

We work with an ecosystem of carefully selected trusted partners, as well as reliable 3D printing service providers, to offer an invaluable range of experience and tailored expertise at your fingertips.

With our lead, you have access to knowledge of the best currently available solutions in the field of Additive Manufacturing, and a tailored advice to your business profile and project.

We operate in a transparent fashion that saves you time.

Swift and efficient, we are in a position to offer much broader range of solutions and services that comparable service providers on the market.

By taking time to know you, your ideas and requirements, we can offer a step-by-step approach, help to implement the right strategy, and manage your 3D projects efficiently. If you’re a business, we can even help you implement 3D printing into your existing workflow.

We ensure the highest standards of service and protection.

We approach each task personally and ensure the most personal and professional level of service currently available.

We are in a position to sign any legally-binding Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) required to ensure highest levels of protection for your designs.

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