Workshops and Tailored 3D Training


Teaching is an important aspect of our lives that helped us become good at what we do.


We are a young agile team of 3D Printing / Scanning /Digital Fabrication Generalists with combined 10+ years experience in the Additive Manufacturing sector. We are well versed in physical and digital aspects of the world of 3D Manufacturing and Digital Fabrication.

So far, we had a pleasure of working with some of the leading industry Professionals, Artists and Makers. We designed 3D printable designs for many industrial additive manufacturing technologies, including Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), industrial large-format Stereolitography (SLA), full-colour powder bed Colour Jet Printing (CJP), and high-detail wax resin DLP and MJP for lost-wax jewellery casting process. We have always immersed ourselves in the 3D process in order to understand the limitations, challenges and best practices for each process.

Over the years we had built a good rapport with hardware manufacturers, consumable suppliers and many 3D print bureaus/service providers across the UK and abroad, which means that we can now offer compressive, well-rounded 3D solutions under one price point.

Our confidence in the field of Digital Fabrication stems from the fact that over the years we had build a reliable ecosystem of trustworthy connections that we can turn to when we are faced with demanding projects.

Our approach to solving problems with Design Thinking helped our customers adapt new emergent technologies and materials into the existing workflows, from 3D modelling to part-finishing and basic engineering.

We understand the principles of Solid and Organic modelling as well as the rudimentary Parametric and Generative design. Since 2016, We have been using Pixologic ZBrush, Autodesk Fusion360, and Robert McNeel and Associates’ Rhinoceros by (including the parametric design plug-in, Grasshopper) in our workflow.

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge in a form of bespoke tailored trainings and 3D workshops covering various aspects of 3D printing and Design for Additive (DfAM). From CAD, file optimisation and build preparation, all the way to the specialised advice on technical properties of the materials, part finishing and model making.

We also happy to create combined workshops covering research for specific possible applications, design guidelines for a particular 3D printing method, or tailored step-by-step software training in selected software package. We can also assist during official hardware/software training sessions, to ensure that the knowledge is well-documented.

All bespoke trainings and 3D workshops include a complimentary post-workshop follow up, with suggestions for next steps in improvement and implementation.


Nike for Λέανδρος.

ZBrush Sculpt Rendered in MatCap Blue Chrome. Designed with Metal Additive Manufacturing in mind. Model available for digital preview here.



Rice cakes in cake shop.

(Things are done best if left to the professionals)

Japanese Proverb