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Digital Storytelling is a powerful medium that should be leveraged for promoting technology.


With the dawn of Industry 4.0 and Internet opening up the world, Social Media soon will be in a position to provide democratised access to knowledge and skills worldwide.

The problem with Social Media for the Technology Sector is that typically, the marketing professionals lack solid technological background needed in order to convey significant technological breakthrough in clear and coherent way. They struggle to cope with technical nuance and oftentimes miss crucial details that your Tech-oriented customer expects to find.

Rather than creating value, they add to the digital clutter. The resulting content is generic and lacklustre, and sometimes even based on unverified sources, which in result can lead to spread of fake news and negatively reflect on your company’s image.

I love writing and creating visual Technical Content for social media. I enjoy blurring the lines between business, technology and education, explaining technology in new, accessible ways that excite and inspire.

I thrive in research, love digging out the unknown and I'm not afraid to ask difficult questions and challenge preconceptions.

I believe that high-quality, well-researched Digital Content is vital to successful customer engagement. It builds trust and shows competence.

Wisely spread between the platforms, it can have a positive impact and put your company as an authority within the field.

Let me help you understand how you can engage with your customer using new visual media.

Leiden, Holland © HD Grzywnowicz, 2017

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Guest Publications & Appearances


On occasion, I use the opportunity to share my insight and experience within 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing sector. I am very proud to be a woman working in STEM, and proud member of Women in 3D Printing initiative, and I support every event aiming to tackle the issues women in Tech face on a regular basis.

I really enjoy creating content on the topic of 3D printing and 3D scanning as a guest contributor, and welcome any suggestions for potential collaborations. 


I greatly value such encounters for the possibilities they offer in terms of reaching new audiences and spreading the knowledge about Additive Manufacturing.

I am also available for Public Speaking events.

'It's Time to Enjoy 3D Printing!' by HD Grzywnowicz, 2018


3D Workshops & Design Guides


Find out how to implement the best Additive technology in your company.



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