3D Journalism & Technical Content Creation

Digital Storytelling is a powerful medium that should be leveraged to promote technology.


With the dawn of Industry 4.0 and the Internet opening up the world, social media will soon be in a position of providing democratised access to knowledge and learning worldwide.

The problem with social media marketing in the technology sector is the lack of technical expertise and know-how necessary to convey the message.

Typically, the marketing professionals lack solid technological background needed in order to convey significant technological breakthroughs. They struggle to cope with technical nuances and often times forget the crucial detail that your tech-savvy customers expect to find.

The resulting content may be generic and lacklustre, copied and pasted with no critical processing and understanding, and may be based on unverified sources and lead to confusion. All of this can negatively reflect on your company’s image as a leader in your field.

We love writing and creating engaging technology-rich visuals and technology-led content for social media. We thrive in technical research, love digging out the unknown and foremost, we have solid technical background to understand and convey your message.

We enjoy blurring the lines between business, technology and education, explaining technology in ways that excite and inspire.

We are also well known for our passion for Additive Manufacturing, and are currently exploring how to add 3D printing into the mix. (Stay tuned for our findings!)

We believe that high-quality, well-researched Digital Content is a vital component to a successful customer engagement. It builds trust and shows competence. Wisely spread between the platforms, it can have a positive impact and showcase your company as the authority within your chosen field

Let us help you engage with your customers using new visual media and emergent 3D technologies.

An example of Redundant Technology, or a symbol of traditional technology turning a full cycle? Leiden, Holland © HD Grzywnowicz, 2017

An example of Redundant Technology, or a symbol of traditional technology turning a full cycle? Leiden, Holland © HD Grzywnowicz, 2017

Have you got an exciting Tech story? I’d love to retell it.
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Guest Publications & Technical Writing


We are always over the moon to receive an opportunity to share our insight and experience within the 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing sector. We greatly value how it enables us to reach new audiences and spread the world about Additive Manufacturing.

We really enjoy creating content on the topic of 3D Printing and 3D Scanning as guest contributors, and welcome any suggestions for potential collaborations. 

Our founder and Lead Technology wonder-woman, The 3D Printing Lady, is a proud member of Women in 3D Printing initiative, and support every initiative aiming to improve diversity and inclusion in STEM and Additive Manufacturing sector.

Have you got an event you would like us to attend? Contact us if you think we could be a good fit for your public speaking event.

'It's Time to Enjoy 3D Printing!' by HD Grzywnowicz, 2018



Crouching tiger hidden dragon.

(talented or extraordinary people may be hidden from view; Never judge the book by its cover)

Chinese Proverb