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With the dawn of the industry 4.0, it is becoming clear that a typical Marketing Assistant / Social Media Executive with limited technical/engineering background struggles to cope with the degree of technical nuance involved in conveying the message of significant technological developments.

Press releases and blog posts are impersonal and lacklustre and seldom focus on presenting practical information and technical detail clearly and coherently. Instead, they seem to be copying general statements from sales brochures and more often than not miss crucial technical detail that your more tech-oriented customer expects to find.

I believe I have found a solution.

I have 6+ years experience working in Additive Manufacturing sector. I started my career explaining FDM/FFF and SLA/DLP technology to the general public on the shop floor. Since then I had a chance to work with industry professionals, artists and makers alike, and I am proud to have experience working with industrial SLS and SLA systems, as well as CJP and MJP solutions. 

I always made a point of engaging with each process on every stage, from file preparation, CAD design, all the way to advanced post-processing and mechanical engineering.

Along the way I developed the necessary skills and built confidence to understand technical aspects of complex engineering solutions, and explain it to wider audiences.

Let me help you understand how you can engage with your customers better using new visual media.

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Guest Publications


Occasionally I get the opportunity to share my insight and experience within 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing sector. I am very proud to be a woman working in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics), and proud member of Women in 3D Printing initiative.

I really enjoy creating content on the topic of 3D printing and 3D scanning as a guest contributor, and welcome any suggestions for potential collaborations. 


I greatly value such collaboration for the possibilities they offer in terms of reaching new audiences and spreading the knowledge about Additive Manufacturing.

I also do public speaking.

'It's Time to Enjoy 3D Printing!' by HD Grzywnowicz, 2018


Freelance Journalism 


I love writing and creating visual technical content for social media.

I believe that high-quality, well-researched Digital Content wisely spread throughout multiple media platforms is vital to successful customer engagement and trust-building.

Digital Storytelling in current day and age is a powerful medium that can be leveraged for conveying complex technical concepts. With internet reaching the most remote parts of the planet, in the nearby future social media will be in a position to provide democratised access to knowledge and skills worldwide.

I thrive in research, love digging  out the unknown and I'm not afraid to ask difficult questions and challenge preconceptions.

If you have an interesting 3D story to share, I would love to hear it.

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So far I had a pleasure to work with some of the leading brands of Additive Manufacturing sector, creating content for their websites, blogs, white papers and interim publications, helping to convey their story to diverse audiences.

References are available upon request.



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