My adventure with 3D printing began in 2009, when I first came across the RepRap project originated by Adrian Bowyer of Bath University.

I have just been accepted to the prestigious University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies a year prior, to embark on my long-awaited journey to study Japanese and Japanese Art.

I have always wanted to understand the Philosophy underlying the Japanese Design principles, and the painstaking attention to detail so often displayed in traditional craftsmanship.

I very quickly realised that the only way to understand Japanese Art, Design and Crafts was to master the language and immerse myself into the culture of the country, and possibly to learn from the source.

And so I did, spending my year abroad in Kyoto, Japan, where among other things I had a chance to study traditional sculpture, woodwork (including Japanese joinery), and fabrics.

After obtaining my BA (final paper on Japanese 3-Dimensional Mandalas, written under supervision of excellent Japanese Art Professor Timon Screech), I decided to follow my instincts and build my knowledge and skill set in the Additive Manufacturing sector.




The idea of self-replicating machine in every household resonated with me strongly, and never fully left. As a proud maker and DIYer with 15+ years of traditional fabric-making experience, I could appreciate the how revolutionary the concept of additive really was.

What really stroke the chord with me was the possibilities it opened in terms of how our products can be made. One of the big limitations of subtractive methods like CNC milling or carving had always been 'stock' - related - its physical and chemical properties, size, resistance it gives to the tools that are meant to shape it. 

By layering the material only where it's needed, additive manufacturing is capable of achieving shapes and forms previously unattainable due to machining limitations.

3D printing has now fully entered the market, and it is here to stay. Let me guide you through it.




Hanna Grzywnowicz

The 3D Printing Lady

Lecco, Lago di Como, Italy © HD Grzywnowicz, 2018


Every Journey Begins with the First Step

Japanese Proverb